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My name is Gabriella Ahlström and welcome to Fab Gab Lifestyle.


Almost a decade ago I moved from Sweden to the UK with my family, my husband and our three beautiful children. My roots are Hungarian, but I have lived in Germany and most of my life in Sweden. This has influenced my cooking and the festive traditions I share with my family. It has also influenced the way I look at healthcare and wellness. Living the majority of my life in Scandinavia I learnt to cherish the minimalistic and clean outlook

on life and the way we take care of ourselves. I didn't want any more chemicals and synthetic medicines that have stormed the Weltern world and I slowly started removing these aspects from our lives. Being a Montessori Primary School Teacher I was often out in the woods with the children teaching them about plants and nature. I think, deep inside, I would've wanted to be a nurse because I had the natural instinct to take care of people and an interest in health, but I found joy in teaching the kids and all the possibilities that it gives.


Living in England has changed a lot in life and as much as I love the culture and the people here, there were certain attitudes to healthy eating and living that I missed from Sweden. My kids never went into the woods in the same way I had with my pupils and their school lunches did not look the way I'd have wanted them too. I missed the close connection to nature and teaching and I quickly found myself restless without my daily dose. Don't get me wrong, England has it's own connection to nature and it's beautiful; but in discontinuing my teaching I never got out of the house like I once did.





Then recently,  about two years 
ago, I discovered dōTERRA Essential Oils and it has changed my life for the better. Here, local to my area in Ascot, Berkshire, I found a wonderful group of openminded businesswomen whom all had one thing in common: health and wellness. These women taught me the new way to incorporate healthy habits in a stressful lifestyle: Essential Oils, and I don't regret it for a second. I always had an interest in natural remedies and plant infused products (both for hygiene and cooking), but this was the next level. I use them in my cooking, in the home and

my whole family has caught on. Gone are all the chemicals and unnecessary additives in foods and cleaning products. I now use pure, natural tools for cleaning, cooking, natural remedies, emotional balance and everything is from nature!

I quickly became a doTerra Wellness Advocate and joined the women in the movement for a healthier and more natural lifestyle. I now teach classes with them and enrol people to doTerra who are ready to incorporate Essential Oils in their lives!

Because of the big positive impact this has had on me, I


wanted to share with you how I use Essential Oils in my

everyday life. I started this blog as a way to share health and wellness ideas, recipes, decoration and DIY, and, things to do with family and friends, all infused with Essential Oils. But it didn't stop there. I wanted to make Essential Oils more user friendly and accessible to everyone, and discovered Diffuser Jewellery. I now sell Essential Oil accessories such as jewellery and eye pillows. All of these are diffusible with EOs so you can get the most out of the Oils!


–Gabriella x

Hi guys,


This is Ven here and I'm the daughter. A while back, when still at Uni I started getting little care packages of Oils with me whenever I was home visiting. Not having the chance to properly sit down and hear about the Oils I didn't use them to the fullest potential. I was completely sold on PastTense and ZenGest though. Easily being bloated from all kinds of food and stress my Mum had finally found something incredibly easy that solved an everyday problem. I quickly got rid of any hand sanitiser and fell in love with OnGuard (because it smells of Christmas and Heaven in one) and I soon got my boyfriend on it as well.


I loved doTerra and all the possibilities it brought and set up this Website for you guys to read about all things doTerra that Gab could write about. I jumped on the jewellery and started creating Malas as well as incorporating Lava Stones in my Dream Catchers to make them diffusible as well! I've been practising Yoga since I was twelve (thanks to Mum) and found great interest in how the Essential Oils could benefit my exercise and meditation and started incorporating some blog posts about that as well.

Moving home after uni and seeing Mum's new jewellery business and constantly living in Essential Oil Heaven my interest grew and grew. At Uni I had a limited supply of Oils. At home the possibilities were endless! Mum and I started going around to more and more health and wellness fairs (something we did quite frequently anyways) and my

interest in everything from Herbal Medicine to Tarot Cards grew. I started finding interest in crystals and found a jar tucked away in my room with a collection of crystals from my childhood and family holidays.


Suddenly everything seemed to go hand in hand and I joined my Mum in the venture. I now take care of all the photography, social media, some of the blogging and jewellery making. Gab is still the Essential Oils master but I'm getting there!


Like my Mum, I'm a completely nature obsessed. My favourite place on Earth is our Country House in Sweden by the Lake. I'm a sucker for the Northern hills of my Boyfriend's family in Cumbria but I feel the most at home in the Scandinavian forests.

–Vendela x